Eva Caridi’s ‘Nude’ exhibition, private view 11.01.12

Bresi-Ando consults started working with Eva Caridi and her ‘Nude‘ exhibition since November 2011 and was hired to PR the exhibition as well as event manage the private view which took place on January 11, 2012.

Eva Caridi is an award-winning artist who works between Greece and the UK and her debut London exhibition; ‘Nude’ explores the affect time has on the human condition, particularly the female form. ‘Nude’ is a spectacular exhibition which houses two of the biggest iron installations London has seen at 14,000 sq ft. with in the region of 11 tons of steel used and nearly 1000 man hours to fabricate each piece.

Photo credit: ©JackieKing2012

This thought-provoking exhibition engages visitors to look at themselves in the stark light of reality where Caridi shows the soul undressed of the superfluous, the ephemeral and of the constraints and structures imposed by society.  Taking place in the spectacular Ambika P3 venue; a 1960s, triple height, subterranean space, converted from the vast former concrete construction hall for the University of Westminster’s School of Engineering on Marylebone Road.

Photo credit: ©JackieKing2012


Bresi-Ando consults event managed the private view which saw over 300 influential people from the arts and financial world experience the exhibit and take in the atmosphere.

Photo gallery below (Credit: ©JACKIEKING2012):

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